Monday, June 13, 2022

Derecho Forecast Across Midwest

While derechos are very difficult to forecast, the National Weather Service is forecasting one to occur this evening and tonight across the Midwest. 
This is their wind forecast for tonight. In hatched areas, here is the legend:
  • Extreme wind risk in the purple area.
  • Red has a high risk.
  • Yellow has an enhanced risk. 
In the hatched areas, there is an extreme risk of power failures, toppled trees, and blown outdoor objects like trampolines. These blown objects can break windows and cause other damage. It is vital you secure these objects NOW!

Make sure:
  • Infirm friends or family are cared for now -- before the damaging winds arrive. Bring them to your home, if possible. 
  • Charge laptops, cells phones and other important tools but take them off the chargers the first time you hear thunder. If you leave them on their chargers, a power surge could take them out. 
  • If easy to do so before the storms arrive, fill your car with fuel and get a few extra dollars from the ATM in case the power outages are widespread. 
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