Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hurricane Michael BULLETIN - 6:55pm Tuesday

Updated information from the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Michael is now expected to be "near Category 4 intensity" at landfall. This tracks the data I am seeing on satellite and from the Hurricane Hunters.
Here is the satellite image. Note the lightning near the eyewall (arrows).
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Lightning is a sign the storm is currently intensifying. Please, if you are in the areas where evacuations have been ordered GET OUT!!

---- original 6:30pm CDT posting below ----

We are seeing the eye of Hurricane Michael on radar.

Here is the "most likely" time of arrival of 40 mph sustained winds (higher gusts may occur).
Along the Panhandle coast, the most likely time is 5 to 8am.

The hurricane still seems to be intensifying based on current satellite images and Hurricane Hunter data. 

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