Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hurricane Michael: Landfall + Tornadoes

12:02pm, we are seeing winds of 183+ mph at 4,000' and the mini-swirls in the eye are being portrayed as tornadoes by the software. That is not incorrect as they will do the same damage as an EF2 or 3.

Fortunately, Mexico Beach has a population of only about 1,100. The area from there to Tyndall AFB is sparely populated. Damage will not be as extensive as it would be if this were a densely populated area.

ADDITION: 12:08AM, Tyndall AFB reported a gust to 119 mph. Now 129 mph.

I wish the reporters would get into buildings and stop being outdoors. They are setting a very bad example and they could get hurt.

The eye is clear enough the satellite is showing whitecaps on the ocean through the eye.

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