Monday, August 27, 2018

Anyone Who Believes the Al Gore "Global Warming is a Catastrophe" Is Naive

Here is an excerpt from Bjorn Lomborg's piece in the New York Post this morning:

Activist organizations like Worldwatch argue that higher temperatures will make more people hungry, so drastic carbon cuts are needed. But a comprehensive new study published in Nature Climate Change led by researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has found that strong global climate action would cause far more hunger and food insecurity than climate change itself.

The scientists used eight global-agricultural models to analyze various scenarios between now and 2050. These models suggest, on average, that climate change could put an extra 24 million people at risk of hunger. But a global carbon tax would increase food prices and push 78 million more people into risk of hunger. The areas expected to be most vulnerable are sub-Saharan Africa and India.

Trying to help 24 million people by imperiling 78 million people’s lives is a very poor policy.

More and more it seems the emperor has no clothes. Global warming policy is primarily about power, not helping people.

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