Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Storm Looming

Each of the last two days we have seen images of giant traffic messes on Midwest interstate highways. I-70 and I-44 have been closed at different times in Missouri and I-35 in Iowa.

Now, I'm increasingly worried about an ice storm in the Ohio Valley.

Let's begin with a wide view of the storm from 12:01am tomorrow (Tuesday) through Wednesday night. More details from AccuWeather.

Now, I'd like to zoom into the area where the potential exists for an ice storm.
Click to enlarge.
The areas in pink are where the computer models are forecasting freezing rain to occur. The darker the color, the thicker the concentration of ice. The heaviest freezing rain is expected to occur Wednesday morning in areas east of I-55. There is the potential for power failures in this area with the heavier freezing rain.

Forecast Map for Noon Wednesday

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