Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Blizzard! Get Prepared, Now!

The area in blue in the upper graphic is where I believe heavy snow (>4") will fall. The dark blue in the lower graphic is where full-out blizzard conditions are forecast. Power failures will occur followed by extreme cold!

I cannot stress strongly enough that the time to travel and prepare is NOW, before conditions deteriorate.

Note: This will cause airline travel disruptions across the nation as New York, Philadelphia and Boston's airports shut down.

AccuWeather has much more.
--- Addition, 2:55pm CST ---
Forecast for 8am EST Thursday.
The blue is the location of falling snow. The deeper blue corresponds to the prediction of heavier snow. This is going to be a mess.
--- Addition 3:15pm CST ---
Orange = blizzard warnings. While hard to see, these include eastern Long Island and eastern Rhode Island. Magenta = winter storm warnings. Blue = winter weather advisories (a lesser condition than a warning). The light green is a warning of extreme cold without the snow.

--- Addition, 12:45pm CST ---
Above is Charleston, SC. Wow. 

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