Saturday, October 21, 2017

Heads Up: Oklahoma

Frequent readers know I have a policy of publicly validating each of my forecasts. Below is my forecast of the tornado risk in Oklahoma (below that is the NWS's).  Here is a map that shows, as of 9:40am Sunday, the tornado locations in red.
There are multiple reports (hard to see in black) of hail up to 3" in diameter in southwest Oklahoma. I would rate this to be a "good" quality forecast. 

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Here is the weather satellite image as of 2:30pm CDT.
Note: there is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect in Kansas and Missouri (see below).

I've outlined the area where there is a threat of giant hail and a couple of tornadoes in red. Please keep an eye on the weather in this area the rest of the afternoon.

Addition: Tornado watch for most of the western half of Oklahoma (not including the Panhandle):
It includes Oklahoma City, Enid and Wichita Falls.

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