Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today's Tornado Outlook

What a busy day! Please see postings about the eclipse and meteorologist etiquette below.

I recommend keeping up on the latest weather information in the areas outlined below. The AccuWeather app has already correctly gone off for me once this morning. 

There is a significant tornado risk today over parts of Kansas and Missouri, including the Greater Kansas City area. Since this is out of season, please make sure your friends/family are aware.
The brown, 5%, is the area of significant risk.

Accompanying the tornado risk is a risk of giant hail in the hatched area.
The map shows the probability of hail 1" or larger in diameter. Yellow, 15%, is significant on this chart. The red is 30%, which is an enhanced risk. The hatching is where the hail is forecast to be 2" or larger.

I recommend putting away anything that could be damaged by hail, especially your car.

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  1. Thanks for the post. My wife if flying to Tulsa, then driving to Coffeyville KS to visit her mother today. That's right on the edge of the red zone.

    Some years ago we visited my in-laws, rented a car in Tulsa, and drove through a hail storm on the way to KS. That poor rental car was pock marked from end to end. Lucky it didn't break a windshield.


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