Monday, August 21, 2017

CURSES!! Foiled Again!!

I hope your eclipse viewing went much better than ours!!

I thought...maybe...parking across the street from a church might do the trick this time. No such luck. You'll note it was sunny when the photo was taken, about 15 minutes before totality.

It is a long story as to why we weren't able to go to my original point (which, of course, turned out clear) and this was my second choice. It and my third choice went down the tubes.
That is the eclipse (my camera was set to capture the low light) behind the dark cloud. Didn't miss it by much as you can see a little bit of blue sky to our southeast.


  1. Too bad.... as a veteran chaser of astronomical phenomena (much safer than tornadoes), I feel your pain.

  2. I recognize that church...I had been parked about 20 miles SW of you and am afraid the clouds followed me to your location when I moved. I made a dash to get south of the clouds but didn't make it. I feel your pain...


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