Monday, August 28, 2017

A Sad Tale: What Happens When You Don't Heed The (Excellent) Warnings

I have verified this is a bona fide Twitter account. It will break your heart even though the first of these tweets is -- to meteorologists -- extremely frustrating. I am leaving off the name. They are posted in chronological order.


When she could have been evacuating, with just hours until the flood, this tweet was posted. As far as I can tell, it was her only tweet Saturday.
There was still time to evacuate.

Things go downhill very, very quickly Sunday morning:
Then, calamity ensues: 
She wraps things up with.
If this woman heeded the storm warnings, she would be someplace warm with her most important possessions and her loved ones. Tragic. I do empathize with her in one way. A non-meteorologist news reporter she quoted wrote, "I'd be skeptical of the maps calling for extreme rainfall." I do not try to do brain surgery. Why can't others leave weather forecasting to meteorologists!?

As I wrote previously, the quality of warnings of extreme weather have outstripped the ability of society and decision makers to use those warnings. That has to change. 

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