Monday, July 24, 2017

Why We Tell People to Go to the Lowest Floor

There was an tornado overnight in eastern Maryland. Via Twitter and NewsChannel 8, here is a photograph of an apartment complex. As you can see, the higher up, the more damage.
With tornadoes, lower is better.

These apartments, on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, were built with the garage on the ground floor to protect against hurricane storm surge. If I lived in that type of apartment, I would sit in my car (motor off due to carbon monoxide) in the garage until the threat passed.

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  1. Mike, a few things...they are townhouses not apartments. This is just the start of the damage, Bay City neighborhood took a significant beating as well as others a lesser extent of damage. While I agree in getting to the ground floor/basement is best, we had very little warning on this tornado. The NWS only issued a tornado warning 2 minutes before it hit, even though local weather page (MD Severe Weather Alert) had been forecasting almost an hour before that this storm was showing TVS. Why did it take so long for the NWS to issue a tornado warning? We were warned at 1:27 and it hit at 1:29, we were fortunate no one was killed in this storm!


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