Friday, July 21, 2017

Gore: Couldn't Agree More

It would be nice if, just once, Al Gore led with something truthful. Here is an interview from yesterday, and this is the first statement:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Al Gore says that recent environmental devastation and extreme weather, more than anything, is what is changing minds on the climate crisis.

This is absolutely untrue. From Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr., and including the first half of 2017, here is the trend in weather-related disasters.
Disasters are diminishing! There is no doubt on this. Some will say, "more billion dollar disasters" but that is just inflation and people putting more (luxury homes on the coast in the path of hurricanes).

As always, Gore is wrong.


  1. Regarding the chart weather related loses as a proportion of global GDP, what does it actually mean? To be honest it doesn't tell us anything at all about climate change. What is GDP change over the last 27 years, I suspect it would be up significantly. Maybe 50%? Whereas with climate change we are talking more subtle changes I think.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Steven.

    Keep in mind the chart is in percent, not dollars.

    If the number and intensity of storms stayed the same, the percent would stay the same. With the rather dramatic drop, there is no way global warming is making storms worse.


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