Saturday, January 21, 2017


Very Dangerous Situation. See forecast for entire region below tornado watch. 

Has been issued until 3am for the southern two-thirds of Alabama, the Florida Panhandle and a small part of eastern Mississippi. Very few tornado watches, fewer than one in twenty, are "particularly dangerous situation" watches. Note: Watch extended into Florida at 9:50p CST.
Please note the risk of violent tornadoes overnight is "high."

The advice I gave earlier should be reinforced: Have two ways (at least) to get the warning:
  • NOAA WeatherRadio 
  • Sign up for the excellent WeatherCall
  • The AccuWeather app will let you know if a watch or warning is issued. 
  • Put your car in the garage and bring in trampolines or anything that can be blown about. 
Here is the forecast for tornadoes from now until 7am. 
Brown, 5%, is the threshold for tornadoes. Yellow is an elevated risk. Red is, in my opinion, a high risk. The hatched area means violent tornadoes are possible. 

This is a very dangerous situation!!

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