Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Current Climate Crisis"

This article is so silly that, at first, I thought it might have come from the New York Times. However, the Washington Post is rapidly catching up to the Times in the level of hysteria pertaining to global warming.
Get this:

Brearley plays a critical, and entirely accidental, role in climate change because of his position as the chair of the Committee on Postponed Parts within the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Yes, apparently the drafters of the Constitution were supposed to have thought of global warming when they were drafting the document.

The author, one Todd Cort from Yale (no surprise there), makes it clear he is no fan of George Bush but rationalizes Barack Obama's administration in this manner:

The Obama administration did not solve climate change, but it did make significant strides both domestically and in international agreements. 

Yup, those "international agreements" are vitally important when China is bringing each week one coal plant online.

Regardless, Mr. Cort doesn't seem to approve of President Elect Trump (who hasn't even been sworn in yet), just like he did not approve of Mr. Bush. My suggestion to Mr. Cort: Stop whining about 1787 and support candidates who might actually win a general election, electoral college and all.

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