Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The ULTIMATE in Global Warming Hypocrisy

I'll believe global warming is a crisis when the people 
telling me it is a crisis start acting like
it is a crisis. -- Glenn Reynolds

Every time I think we have received the summit of a very large universe of hypocrisy on global warming, I am unpleasantly surprised. I learned yesterday that the New York Times, already a huge source of global warming hypocrisy, just extended the hypocrisy mountain to the moon.

The Times frequently writes on the subject of global warming, including, last week:

In the last three days, the NYT destroyed a forest trees to write four stories on this topic.

Since the election, they have poured the criticism on Donald Trump.

Their columnist, Nicholas Kristof, has written a number of over-the-top pieces about the supposed horrors of global warming, including storms like Katrina.
So, of course, the NYT would be a paragon of a small carbon existence, right? Right? RIGHT?

No, the hypocrisy of the NYT and its columnists (Kristof, Tom Friedman, etc.) has reached new heights.
"National Review"
Yes, for $150,000 you can be part of just 50 people to take a luxurious, retrofitted 757 around the world. For fun. And, among the NYT correspondents the intrepid explorers will meet as they zoom around the globe? Kristof.

Other than on a single occasion for a weather research project involving weather radar and downbursts, I have never been on a private jet. I drive a Ford Taurus. Yet, I read -- constantly -- in the Times that I -- and, the rest of us, need to cut our carbon footprints.

What a bunch of hypocrites! Utter, utter hypocrites. 
Never have Professor Reynolds' words been more germane.

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