Saturday, July 2, 2016

Update on Flash Flood Threat

Here is the rainfall for the past two days:
Note there are a few spots that have received more than six inches. The ground is saturated and streams are running high.

Right now, thunderstorms are redeveloping in several areas to the west of U.S. 81.
These storms will intensify (with locally strong thunderstorm winds in southern Kansas and their rainfall production will increase.

Here is the broad-scale rainfall amount forecast from 7pm tonight through 7pm Sunday.
However, these are averaged amounts. They could be locally higher. So, the NWS flash flood forecast calls for a moderately high risk of flash flooding in the blue area and a slight risk of flash flooding in the green outlined area tonight and Sunday morning.
If you live near a flood-prone stream or creek, please be on the alert for rapid rises. If you are driving, please remember, turn around, don't drown. 

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