Friday, July 1, 2016

Tornado Watch: NYC and Points North

The tornado watch includes New York City and the area enclosed in red. It is in effect until 10pm EDT.

There are already serious flight delays at:
  • Boston
  • Newark
  • JFK
  • LaGuardia
  • Philadelphia
  • Toronto
  • Washington - Reagan
If an earlier flight is available, I recommend taking it. The delays at this many major airports will reverberate across the system this afternoon and evening. 

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar at 1:47pm EDT.
The thunderstorms will continue to intensify and move east or east northeast. 

If you live in the tornado watch area, please monitor weather conditions for possible warnings.

UPDATE:  3pm EDT. While we do not usually cover severe thunderstorm watches on the blog, I am including this one because of its certain effect on holiday air travel:
The primary danger is thunderstorm-produced wind gusts around 60 mph. 

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