Saturday, April 23, 2016

Start to Tornado Season in Central Plains

The new week begins the 2016 tornado season in the Central Plains which has -- so far -- been unusually late and light up to this point.

Sunday 4pm to 11:59pm
The northern threat area (purple) is where I think thunderstorms will be more geographically widespread with large hail and damaging winds. I certainly don't rule out a tornado or two in that area. 

The southern threat (red) is a forecaster's nightmare. It appears to me that there is a pretty good threat of 1, 2, 3, or so supercell thunderstorms developing and, if they do, they have a higher than average chance of a tornado. But, if temperatures stay warm 2 miles above the ground, no thunderstorms at all will develop. 

Tuesday Afternoon through Pre-Dawn Wednesday
AccuWeather's map (above) does a great job outlining the risk. There could be tornadoes over the entire red area with the highest risk in the dashed lines.

It has been a very late start to the 2016 tornado season in the Central Plains. So, here are reminders to get yourself and your family prepared.
  • Make sure you have a quick action plan for your children, the elderly and the infirm. 
  • Make sure you have at least two independent sources of tornado warnings. Make sure at least one is battery powered. 
  • If you lose cell data and voice service, text messages will often still go through. 
  • Have a flash light with batteries and solid shoes in your shelter. If you are hit, there will be glass and debris in your exit path. 
  • Keep your fuel tank full (car and generator) and have some extra cash just in case. 

Here is map of tornadoes by state up to the present time. 

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