Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

A few thoughts to share on a Sunday afternoon:


Wichita, a city that has been very good to me and to my family, lost an icon this past week. Tanya Tandoc created a unique business: Tanya's Soup Kitchen -- that became a must-visit when people came to town and that was a gathering place for locals. Her business won national acclaim.

I considered Tanya a friend. She catered our 2013 "Smithmas" when the large, loud (see below), crazy Dick Smith (my dad) Family gathers to celebrate Christmas. One of Tanya's specialties was bread pudding (Tanya: "never with raisins!") which was also my Dad's favorite dessert. It was a memorable celebration.

She brought joy to a great many people and it is hard to imagine how her vibrant life was cut short by a needless homicide. Tanya will be greatly missed.

Wichita Catholic Schools

Our diocese has a unique system where your children can get an outstanding education without paying tuition. Instead of tuition, each family is asked to donate time, talent and treasure. I spoke with my pastor ten days ago and there are a number of spots open at several of the Catholic schools this year. This hasn't been the case for quite a while. If you are interested, please speak to your nearest Catholic school and you may be able to take advantage for your children. They do not have to be Catholic to attend. You will not regret sending your children to school there.

Wichita's Eisenhower National Airport

Our new airport opened Wednesday to rave reviews. When you come through town, be sure and allow time to take in the unique history of aviation exhibit. Come and visit us! Here and here and here are some ideas about a Kansas vacation. And, here are the Washington Post's ideas for a Wichita vacation.

The 'Debunking' of the Global Warming Hiatus

This 'study,' which was splashed everywhere as a result of a PR campaign, is a political paper rather than a scientific one. As the normally pro-global warming Mashable reported,

"However, they go too far when they conclude that there was no decadal-scale slowdown in the rate of warming globally."

Global warming stopped in 1997 and may or may not have resumed depending on one's choice of metric. In climate 'science,' the importance of the research is often inversely proportional to the amount of publicity a paper receives. Go here for more on this political essay masquerading as science.

Enjoy your week!

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