Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Forecaster Evie Says: Do Not Drive into Flooded Areas!

At 11:30am, NWS radar shows another round of torrential rain is moving to move across Greater Kansas City. Flash flooding will occur. Remember: Turn around, don't drown! Do not cross flooded areas by foot or by car.

Forecaster Evie is not happy: Another flooding situation is developing.. this time in Kansas City and points east.

The green polygons are areas under NWS flash flood warnings.
The very light greens in south Kansas City represent 2.3 inches of rain. The reds north of Wellington, MO = six inches of rain! Given the heavy rain the last few weeks, this rain will run off and cause flooding of small streams and in low-lying areas.

In addition, NWS radar at 10:15am shows heavy rain continuing to fall with more heavy rain to the west.
Please take Forecaster Evie's advice: Do not try to cross flooded areas by foot or by car. If you live near a small stream, be prepared to move to higher ground at the first sign of rising water.

And, more heavy rain may occur tonight.

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