Saturday, May 16, 2015

Today's Tornado Risk is High

As we indicated yesterday, we have a serious risk of tornadoes in the Plains today and tonight.
Keep in mind that a 5% (brown) risk of tornadoes is significant. We see that from eastern North Dakota to south central Minnesota (including Minneapolis).

From south central Nebraska to southwest Oklahoma, we have a 15% probability (three times the significant value) and the likelihood of several violent tornadoes.

How to prepare?

  • Make sure you have fresh batteries for your flashlight and radio, portable TV or weather radio you might wish to take into shelter with you.
  • Make sure your computer and/or cell/smartphone are fully charged
  • Put any totable valuables in your shelter now
  • Fill your car with gas
  • Insure you have adequate cash (if a big storm occurs on a Saturday, the banks are closed until Monday and ATMs might run short)
  • Finally, make sure you wear shoes into your shelter. If your residence or business is hit, you don't want to be climbing through debris barefoot. 
  • And, most important, make sure you can contact your dependents and get them to shelter quickly. 
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