Friday, May 15, 2015

Forecaster Evie: Pay Attention to the Weather Tomorrow

Forecaster Evie just finished looking at the data for the central Plains tomorrow and you can see the "Oh, Dear" expression. Some violent tornadoes are possible.

Here is the forecast graphic.
There is a chance of large hail and damaging winds in the yellow area with perhaps a tornado or two. The red area with the hatching is where violent tornadoes and very large hail are also possible.

Here is Evie's wise advice for what you should do now to prepare:
  • Make sure you have fresh batteries for your flashlight and radio, portable TV or weather radio you might wish to take into shelter with you.
  • Make sure your computer and/or cell/smartphone are fully charged
  • Put any totable valuables in your shelter now
  • Fill your car with gas
  • Insure you have adequate cash (if a big storm occurs on a Saturday, the banks are closed until Monday and ATMs might run short)
  • Finally, make sure you wear shoes into your shelter. If your residence or business is hit, you don't want to be climbing through debris barefoot. 
I will update again in the morning on this threat. 

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