Friday, April 10, 2015

Yes, We Practice What We Preach

Got a question about chasers getting too close to tornadoes. This was a result of a video at the AccuWeather Facebook page. It shows a close-up video of a tornado that is so close the winds tip over a semi.

With regard to the three of us Wednesday evening, I posted a photo of the partially obscured by rain large tornado just west of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, Wednesday evening.

Here is a second photo of the same tornado a few minutes after. You can also see a funnel cloud to the right of the red rectangle.

So, were we too close? No! Both of the above were taken with telephoto lenses. Here is what it looked like to the naked eye.

The view of the supercell thunderstorm and its lightning was awe-inspiring (we were far enough away we could not hear thunder).

While I infrequently storm chase, when I do I am a "chicken chaser." I am extremely cautious about approaching these violent storms. That is why I use telephoto lenses!

So, thanks for the concern but we never felt any danger Wednesday night.

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