Friday, April 24, 2015

Texas and Texoma Severe Weather Risk

Above, I have outlined the area that appears to be at risk of tornadoes, large hail and/or damaging thunderstorm winds. There are ongoing thunderstorms in the area (see below) so timing is a bit tricky but I believe the first warnings will be along and to the west of the brown line.  The storms will then move east northeast and east.

The purple area -- including much of the Metroplex -- seems to be at enhanced risk for strong storms.

Radar at 1:03pm CDT shows areas of storms in northwest Texas and southern Oklahoma. The green counties are flash flood warnings currently in effect. 
Normal advice prevails:
  • No need to worry. Just monitor the weather when thunderstorms approach. 
  • Make sure you can get your children or other dependents to shelter on relatively short notice. 
  • Put your car in the garage. 
  • Put items like trampolines and lawn furniture that can blow away in high winds inside.
  • Make sure your flashlight and radio have fresh batteries. 
I will provide additional updates later this afternoon.

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