Sunday, February 22, 2015

FEMA in Winter??

I just watched Sec. of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, tell John Roberts it was "essential to fund FEMA during a cold winter."

Hmmm. I keep up on these things and I am not aware of anything FEMA is doing to fight the suffering caused by the cold winter. So, I googled "news" and "fema in winter." Here are the first few hits of what I got.
I did see many, "FEMA says 'stay warm in winter'" headlines father down.

As longtime readers know, I am not a fan of FEMA. If the Democrats' Senate filibuster causes them to shut down Friday, I don't think we'll be missing much.


  1. Just searched samd.
    Thought these were full of poisons, lesst that's what they told people to get them out.

    Snowbirds spend winter vacation in a FEMA trailer
    Osawatomie Graphic-Feb 11, 2015 Share
    However, the FEMA trailers were available. Yes, they were the original FEMA trailers that were shipped to New Orleans for the natives to live in ...

  2. Wanna guess how many TSA people will be thrilled to check you as they work for no money? Amazing how Congress thinks they will.
    Enjoyed our rain yesterday and sure wish we had more of it.


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