Monday, January 5, 2015

Why Everyone Thinks "Snows Were Worse When I Was a Kid"

Those who have read When the Sirens Were Silent will recall Taylor Winters, the "tornado bride" who left for her honeymoon right before the Joplin tornado struck.

Steve and Taylor have a daughter now and she was playing in the snow with her mother when I saw this photo posted on Facebook with the snow up to her daughter's waist.
When I saw it, I realized that she will likely tell people someday, "winters were worse when I was growing up. I remember a storm when the snow was up to here [gesturing toward her waist]!"

What people never remember is their waists, knees, etc., were a lot closer to the ground when they were children!

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  1. Being in my late 40's, this post made me think back to living in rural central Illinois in the mid to late 70's. I do recall some heavy snows and the extreme cold waves. I remember one winter season on the farm, my siblings and I built tunnels through the snow drifts and built forts. We also missed some school, which was a rarity up there. The buses often ran the (rural) roads with chains on the tires. Once the frigid cold set in for a time, me and my siblings were actually able to walk on top of snow drifts, some as high as five feet. We had a blast making the best of the winter seasons. My parents though not so much. We got snowed in one time for almost a week. I remember snowmobiles one evening bringing to our house food and supplies. Plus we had to hang blankets to keep the heat from going up the stairs. We slept downstairs at night to keep warm. Also dealing with frozen pipes was not fun. Feeding livestock and using pick axes to bust away the inches of ice that formed on the watering tank for the cows was a quite a chore. I could go on, but despite the negative side of the rough winters, those experiences are in part, the reason I like the winter season and love snow. Snow is pretty much a rarity down here in southern Missouri, but I will take what I can get. I am just hoping before the winter season is over, my area gets one big heck of a snow storm. Thanks Mike.


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