Thursday, January 1, 2015

Misleading Forecast Map

I've been asked why, if I am forecasting accumulating snow and ice (scroll down), there aren't winter weather forecasts on the NWS map. Good question.
The forecasts you see on my blog are mine. That said, there isn't a real difference as far as I can tell between me/AccuWeather and the NWS.

Here is the NWS's forecast for Salina, Kansas, (where I-135 and I-70 come together, an important highway junction for travelers):
So, they don't seem to disagree that snow is going to fall in the area where I have placed the question marks.

I can't speculate as to why there are no "winter storm" (my words) colors on the map in the area with the question marks. Regardless, I recommend that cross country travelers do what they can to either travel before the storm or otherwise mitigate its effects.

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