Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wednesday - Thursday Mid-Atlantic - Northeast Storm

AccuWeather's Bernie Rayno has a first look here. Here is one model's (courtesy, Dr. Ryan Maue) forecast for 6pm Wednesday. Others still indicate the accumulating snow will be west of I-95. The model is this morning's 6am GFS. 

If this storm develops Wednesday, it will cause serious issues at airports from Richmond to NYC and Hartford. Regardless of whether this is a perfect forecast (it likely will not be exactly right), if you can leave a day earlier, you would be well served to do so. Flying? Here is my airline survival guide


  1. My idea about this storm, looks like cold air will be in place all the way down to Northeast, Ga., and will snow 3 or 4 inches as far south as the Upstate Of South Carolina moving Northeast up the Coast Line from there an just kill East Coastal Canada as snow will measured by the foot not inches! What do you think of this idea? Could it do that or am I just to far South? THANKS! Len Holliday

  2. Hi Len,
    You may be correct. I am going to update as this develops. At this point, I'm simply trying to give a "heads up" so people can adjust their plans, if possible.


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