Sunday, October 26, 2014

Today, It Has Been Nine Years...

…since a category 3 or stronger hurricane struck the U.S. On this date nine years ago, Hurricane Wilma, having passed Florida, dropped below hurricane intensity.

After three major hurricanes striking the U.S. in 2005 (Katrina, Rita, Wilma), we were promised by the Big Climate that more, and worse, were on the way. See here, here and here for just a few examples of the articles published at that time.

Now, we have gone nine years without a major hurricane striking the U.S. coast, completely contrary to Big Climate's forecasts. The previous longest interval (with 150 years of records) was six years.

Yet again, Big Climate has been proven wrong. I predict that, unfortunately,  it will not shake their faith.

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  1. The irony of this entry is the Climate Change religion will cite this fact as evidence of Climate Change.


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