Friday, October 24, 2014

Kansas City is Hot -- And, So Are the Royals

Forecaster Evie wants to let you know it isn't only Kansas City's baseball team that is hot, so is Kansas City this weekend. Via our friends at AccuWeather, here is a map of record temperatures.

She is also forecasting a few showers to be around the Bay Area where her beloved Royals are playing. For Game 4 Saturday evening:
Total rainfall amounts around the Bay Area will be ¼ to of an inch over the weekend, so a rainout is highly unlikely.

And, via the ECMWF (graphic by Dr. Ryan Maue), here is the forecast rainfall for Northern California the next ten days.
More than ¾ inch of rain is forecast in the Sierra along the I-80 corridor, so some of that rain will flow into California's parched reservoirs.

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