Friday, September 26, 2014

What Did He Think It Was, The White House?

The above headline is from The Chicago Tribune and tells about a "non-employee" getting into the Aurora Air Route Traffic Control System disrupting literally hundreds of flights across the United States. This is less than a week after a man got into the White House by jumping over a fence. 

So, knowing that terrorists target aviation and that the White House and U.S. Capitol are the very symbols of our nation, what is our crack Department of Homeland Security doing this week?
NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Protecting the infrastructure of American cities from the effects of climate change is rising on the agenda of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to a top agency official.
"Increasingly, we've moved not only from a security focus to a resiliency focus," said Caitlin Durkovich, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at Homeland Security, an agency better known for its fight to curb terrorist threats.
"Increasingly, we've moved not only from a security focus…" I'll bet if you polled 100 Americans at random, not one would be recommending DHS tackle 'climate change.' Classic mission creep. The DHS needs to be abolished. It is nothing but "security theatre"and oblivious to the real threats our nation faces.

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  1. Mike, this sort of "mission creep" happens all the time. Agencies often conflate weakly-related issues in an attempt to avoid abolition or to grab more power. Often it's sort of a "wag the dog" effect. We had a similar issue here in Oklahoma a couple of years ago. See related link.


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