Monday, June 16, 2014

Historic Photo on a Historic Day

This photo, from @Stormpics, was taken in northeast Nebraska this afternoon. You are seeing two "wedge" tornadoes (tornadoes wider than they are tall), which are often violent, rotating around one another.

The photo reminded me of this classic tornado photo that was taken at Elkhart, Indiana, during the great Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965. They, too, were rotating around each other.

There was a stovepipe rotating (left) around a wedge in central Oklahoma on May 3, 1999. Today is the first wedge/wedge since the Palm Sunday Outbreak of which I am aware.

Search and rescue is occurring around Pilger (where state of emergency is in effect), Wisner and Stanton, NE. A tornado passed over or very close to Burwell, NE in the last hour. No word yet on damage or injuries. 

ADDITION: I believe this video was taken at Pilger. You can see whole roofs rotating around the tornado. You can also hear the "waterfall"-like sound.

Pilger damage The town has been evacuated for the night.

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