Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"The Worst That Can Happen?" We Waste Trillions of Dollars!

This has been a sillier than usual week from the global warming crowd. 
Apparently, Secretary of State John Kerry said this at a commencement address over the weekend. So, to answer Secretary Kerry's question:
  • We waste trillions of dollars that could be put to far better use. Money that the U.S. government does not have. We put our children's economic well-being in even more peril. 
  • We lose economic leadership to China, India and Russia which have not consumed the global warming kool-aid.
  • We make our electrical service more expensive and less reliable.


  1. In other news, your favorite breakfast cereal is now "under assault" from climate change... http://time.com/?hpt=hp_t3#105459/breakfast-cereal-climate-change-oxfam/
    Somebody better call Chuck Norris...

  2. Yes, Big Climate will use this -- just like they use every drought, flood, hot day, cold day, tornado, lack of tornado, hurricane, lack of hurricane, that the rest of us call "weather" -- to fund raise.

  3. Lurch married rich. He doesn't care.


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