Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5:40pm CST Thunderstorm and Tornado Threat Update

Radar at 5:30pm CST:
There is already a severe thunderstorm warning near Kansas City for large hail.

Below is a forecast of thunderstorms for an hour either side of sunrise Thursday. The dark centers indicate roughly where large hail may occur:

The next area with a threat gets going in the Ohio River Valley late Thursday. This is the forecast radar for the 5 to 7pm period. Do not take the locations as exact. The general area of thunderstorms from Indianapolis to west of Nashville back west to the cold front (the curved, solid area of thunderstorms) is the area with greatest threat of damaging winds.

Via HazWx.Com, here is the forecast tornado index. Interpretation: From southern Indiana to western Tennessee there could be a few tornadoes of weak to moderate intensity.
This will not be a major tornado outbreak. However, these storms will be moving quickly and will likely cause damaging winds (gusts of 60 mph or stronger) with a small-end tornado threat. So, play attention to the weather in these regions.

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