Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Storm" - The Story of a California Drought

Storm by George R. Stewart is the book that hooked me on weather after my initial interest was kindled by the Ruskin Heights Tornado of 1957. It tells the story of a terrible drought in California and how a storm called Maria eventually broke the drought. What makes the book unique is the storm and the meteorologists are the main characters.

With the ongoing, and worsening, drought in California, it might be interesting for people to look at a similar situation after 70 years have passed.

The book can be purchased, in various forms, here.


  1. Interesting! "Storm" was one of the most fascinating books I read while in high school in Dodge back in the mid-50s. It didn't turn my career interest from railroading, but contributed to a life-long interest in weather and climate. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. For people who have not read the book, there is actually a sub-plot about railroading in "Storm."


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