Monday, November 18, 2013

Many Tornado Safety Procedures Validated

In my 50+ years of doing weather science, I've met numerous people who are skeptical of the tornado safety rules. This video validates several of those rules. Let's review with a goal of insuring your safety and the safety of your family. 
  • Believe the warning, not your eyes. Some tornadoes, like this one, are rain-wrapped and don't look like tornadoes. With today's Doppler radar we can often locate the tornado much better than the human eye. With yesterday's fast-moving tornadoes, the video shows a difficult-to-discern tornado moving into the station almost faster than they can react.
  • Stay away from windows. The windows blow out rapidly and forcefully.
  • Wear shoes into the shelter. You don't want to be stepping on sharp glass and debris after the tornado hits. 
We meteorologists are never trying to be preachy. But, we want everyone to be as safe as possible when these dangerous storms approach.

Speaking of tornado safety rules: Yesterday, as well as the Moore tornado on May 20, again demonstrate that schools can and will be struck by tornadoes. A complete list of safety rules for schools and dormitories is here.

And, there were numerous businesses affected yesterday. Business tornado safety rules are here.
Flattened business in Lafayette, Indiana yesterday
I urge school and business officials, while yesterday's tornadoes are still top of mind, to review the safety rules and insure they are incorporated into your operations. 

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