Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do Tornado Warnings Save Lives? You Bet!

My friend, Nate Johnson is always correct to acknowledge Divine Providence. But, there is another good reason for no fatalities in Washington, IL: Excellent storm forecasts and warnings. 

This is what Washington, IL looked like from the air this afternoon:

Let's review how forecasts helped save lives.

This was forecast about noon yesterday. The headline? Tornado risk increasing (not shown). It says, "this is a really dangerous situation" and it includes Washington.

At 7:37am, I posted that dangerous tornadoes were hours away:

Just before 10am this morning, I posted the Storm Prediction Center's "particularly dangerous situation" tornado watch. It says there is a "high risk of violent tornadoes."

At 10:54, tornado warning for Metro Peoria, with Washington dead center in the NWS's polygon. Washington was hit more than 11 minutes later. I reported that storm chasers were on the storm, confirming the tornado.

As the storm approached, additional postings were made:
The tornado caused the severe damage you see above. Knowing that additional tornado warnings would be issued, I thought it would be critical for readers to see the tornadoes and the damage so they would have credibility. Here is the posting at 12:16pm.

Yes, there have been people killed in these storms. With all of these violent tornadoes striking populated areas it is tragically unavoidable. But, tornado outbreaks like these a quarter-century ago killed hundreds. I thought that will have been the case today.
The meteorologists at AccuWeather, the National Weather Service, storm chasers and emergency managers all work as a team to insure everyone's safety. 

So far, more than 60 tornado reports have been received. The science of meteorology again deserves high praise for its lifesaving work. 

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