Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coverage Wrap-Up

Radar at 3:18pm CST/4:18 Eastern

Warnings at 3:23pm CDT. Red = tornado warning; yellow counties = tornado watch. Amber = severe thunderstorm warning for damaging winds and, possibly, hail.

The people at Google and Blogspot, being on the West Coast, apparently don't know a tornado outbreak is in progress. So, I'm having to fill out a form every time I post an update because of the number of updates so far today.

Given that I have been doing this, without break, since 10am, I think now is a good time to stop. I'm beat!

Detroit: High winds likely headed your way.

Louisville: Keep an eye out to your southwest.

Indianapolis: Widespread power outages in central Indiana. Likely tornado damage north of the metro.

Cleveland and Toledo: Tornado threat developing by evening.

We have had at least six cities report major tornado damage today. 

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