Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween "Warnings"

Not looking forward to your doorbell ringing incessantly on October 31st this year? Do you want to just skip the costumes, candy and ghouls? Then you need to plan accordingly and order your own autographed copy of Mike's book WARNINGS: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather. This Halloween don't bother buying candy or dressing up; just turn the porch light off and retreat to the back of the house to read WARNINGS about some of the most massive storms of our lifetime beginning with the introduction PHANTOM  ACCIDENTS....Be careful as you move on to Chapter 2, NO ONE EVER KNEW IT WAS COMING...once you get to Chapter 3, "NICE PEOPLE, BUT ODD" you might want to check your doors......CHAPTER 5, THE "TOWN THAT DIED IN ITS SLEEP"....might make you wish for a nightlight and on to CHAPTER 9, TRAGEDY....will get you hooked and then it is on to THE MICROBURST MYSTERY and DELTA 191: WHY WEREN'T THEY WARNED? Order your copy today as this special offer is only good through midnight on Halloween and hey, don't say we didn't WARN you!

Mike's book is available for $20 including his autograph and shipping. Contact me at 316-204-9969 or email me at to order a book.

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