Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday Night Football Threat: Snow & Blizzard


Our colleagues at the National Weather Service -- who are working without pay -- have issued a blizzard warning in the orange-shaded area.

If you are traveling across the northern Plains or northern Rockies tomorrow or Saturday, you need to be aware that an unseasonable winter storm is going to move into the region. There are numerous high school football games scheduled for the area. Here is AccuWeather's snowfall amount forecast and discussion:
In some areas, winds will gust to 40 mph causing blizzard or near-blizzard conditions.

These maps are intended to help convey the timing of the storm. At 4pm MDT, the rain/snow line is the cut-off of the green echoes into red echoes where very heavy snow is predicted to be falling.

This is the same map for 9pm MDT:
The rain-snow line does not move very much during this period but is expected to move east (changing the rain into snow) after about 10pm MDT.

Here are the probabilities of 2" or more accumulating from the start of the snow to noon Saturday.

And, the probabilities of 12" or more accumulating:

AccuWeather's home page will allow you to insert your Zip Code and get a specific forecast for your area.
Please use that tool to keep up on the latest in your specific area as this storm develops.

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