Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike

Dr. Ross McKitrick today:

...since we are on the verge of seeing the emergence of data that could rock the foundations of mainstream climatology, this is obviously no time for entering into costly and permanent climate policy commitments based on failed model forecasts. The real message of the science is: Hold on a bit longer, information is coming soon that could radically change our understanding of this issue.

This writer made the identical point on June 24 and on previous occasions:

...this blog -- on the basis of the [ongoing] lack of warming buying us time -- has advised waiting until the end of 2014 before any decisions about global warming policy are made. That still seems like excellent advice.

I recommend Ross's excellent article in its entirety (found at green link). As Dr. McKitrick explains, the statistical probability the models will be proven correct is around 2%, which will drop to zero if significant warming doesn't begin soon. I make the identical point here.

The point is not to pat myself, Dr. McKitrick, or anyone else on the back. The point is that the real-world data has become so clear that multiple scientists are reaching the identical conclusion. Carbon dioxide does trap heat which, in turn, warms the earth. But, it does so at a much lower rate than the catastrophic global warming clique has been trying to sell for two decades. It isn't even clear that slow warming would be a net negative. Longer growing seasons = more food production and less energy use.

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