Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another 5-Star Review at Amazon

5-Star review pertains to the Kindle version:

If I were to tell you that I just read a history on the growth/improvement of tornado forecasting techniques in the 20th century, you'd probably think it sounded dull. Well, you'd be wrong. This book is anything but dull.

Applied meteorologist (and weather entrepreneur) Mike Smith has written a lively look at how tornado forecasting tools and techniques have improved during the past 50+ years and how these improvements have saved many, many lives. He's got a great writing style and a knack for explaining complicated things in a simple, straightforward manner.

I really enjoyed the book, especially those parts dealing with tornadoes.

Various government agencies, such as the FAA and the Weather Bureau (later, the National Weather Service) let politics and turf wars get in the way of better serving the public, in terms of issuing warnings and disseminating information. This was eye-opening to me...

The Kindle version has 16 color photos we could not fit into the hard cover.

Whichever version you choose, you will be reading an exciting, uplifting book about thousands of lives being saved. What are you waiting for?

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