Friday, May 31, 2013


Coverage of this event began on this blog and on AccuWeather's affiliate KMOX Radio in St. Louis yesterday. I was on KMOX calling for "one or two tornadoes" twice this morning. There were multiple updates on the blog today focusing on Oklahoma and Missouri.

I have been live-blogging since 4pm. 
My fingers are extremely sore.

I have tried to cover all of the tornado threats when The Weather Channel and others were focusing exclusively on OKC.

There is serious damage in the St. Louis and Oklahoma City areas and we know there are injuries. There are also multiple reports that fatalities have occurred in Oklahoma.

So, I have to stop for the night. I hope this coverage has been helpful in keeping my readers safe.

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  1. I for one really appreciate what you do. It is how I keep informed when we have severe weather because I know you will keep us informed. My daughter is at a conference in St. Louis this week, leaving tomorrow, so I've really appreciated the reports this evening. Thank you!


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