Thursday, February 7, 2013

5:20pm Thursday: NYC and New England Blizzard Update

Blizzard warnings are now officially in effect for New York City, Newark, Connecticut, Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts including Boston.  Unofficially, I believe people in southern New Hampshire should prepare for a blizzard. 

Here is AccuWeather's latest snow forecast:
Please note that NYC is now in the 6 to 12 inch forecast. Also, the area from Concord to Springfield, MA southeast into the Boston suburbs are in the thick of the storm.

Now, the wind:
European Model at 7am EST Saturday; via WeatherBell models
Winds will gust to 45 mph in NYC and Hartford; 55 mph in Boston, New London, and Providence; and 60-65 mph on Cape Cod.

Transportation will come to a halt as a result of this storm. 

At last, some airlines are issuing waivers. United's is below (click to enlarge, go to their web site for more information):
Amtrak north of Philadelphia will be likely cease operating during the height of the storm and auto and bus traffic will be impossible or nearly impossible.

Power outages are likely and there is the possibility some buildings may collapse under the weight of snow and the high winds.  

How to Prepare:

As I asked in the runup to Hurricane Sandy: What would you do without power for two weeks?

Some things to consider:

  • Get plenty of cash from an ATM -- in a disaster cash is king,
  • Fill your car's gas tank, 
  • Get an inexpensive power inverter (Lowes, Radio Shack, and others have them so you can keep you cell phone charged from your car with that full tank of gas), 
  • Get essential foods and medicines. 
  • If you need to care for an infirm relative, move him/her before the snow begins.  

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