Thursday, December 6, 2012

FEMA Continues to Live Down to My Expectations

After arriving in New Jersey, the worker and others waited for three full days and parts of another, even as reports dominated the television of the devastation and suffering wrought by the storm, which struck land on Oct. 29. When they asked for assignments, they couldn't believe the response, according to the worker.

“They told us to go to the Walmart nearby or to check out the area but told us to stay out of the areas affected by the storm,” the worker said. "If our boss back at headquarters had not been alerted and didn’t make a push to get us assignments, the people running the show on the ground level would have just kept us sitting in the barracks.”

Details here

This is exactly what happened in Andrew and in Katrina. Over and over, the Department of Homeland Security believes its job is harassing people at airports. This needs to stop but neither Presidential candidate in 2012 even mentioned it. 

Why do we Americans put up with it?

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  1. In my (small) town, we had a number of people who needed immediate housing assistance from FEMA and obtained accomodation and other assistance. I myself had them come out and inspect my place for some damage within 2 days of filing. And I should add that there are a lot of people filing claims for damages after FEMA that arguably should be rejected, just as insurance claims are often rightly rejected

    Were there mistakes or screwups made ? Of course. But your blanket and strong condemnations (without even an acknowledgement of the useful work that FEMA did do) seems to be motivated purely by political considerations. No different from politicians who bash private insurance companies or utility companies after disasters.


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