Monday, November 5, 2012

Presidential Endorsement?

Later this month, we celebrate the third anniversary of this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it.

I was asked yesterday if I was going to have the blog endorse a presidential candidate on the first election since it began. The answer is no.

If you define politics as the "art and science of winning elections" then politics doesn't interest me and I want this blog to be nonpolitical. That is not to say I won't vote; of course I will.

That said, government (i.e., how it functions, how it spends our tax dollars, priorities) does interest me and I comment on it fairly often.

I will say one thing about the presidential election and I suspect others feel the same: I hope we know tomorrow night or Wednesday morning. Our nation doesn't need another dragged out election result.


  1. Amen to that. With my 9pm bedtime I will need a presidential nomination, stat! :)

  2. I might add that no matter which candidate (party)wins the presidential election, we need to work on getting the economy going and not start working on tactics against one another for 2016.

    "I'm a political atheist. I don't believe in government."


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