Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farm Belt Rainfall

Here are the rainfall amounts for the last 24 hours from the foothills of the Rockies into the Ohio Valley.

Great Plains
Click to enlarge, rain gauge calibrated radar estimates from NWS
Corn Belt

Two postings down is the forecast rainfall for the next five days. If correct, these additional rains will go a long way toward easing the drought in these areas. Unfortunately, they will not do much for the northern Plains or northern High Plains where the drought has become quite severe the last month and a half.

Below I also mentioned how unusual it was to have 2.3 inches of rain overnight and no puddles around our home. Here is a photo taken on my way to work at the lowest point (about 10' lower elevation than my home) in our neighborhood where water often congregates. The drought has been so severe that nearly all of it soaked in!

ADDITION: Here is a closeup of the extreme rainfall gradient across the Wichita area.

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