Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Al Gore: "The Dirty Weather Report"

Chief global warming hypocrite Al Gore and his ironically named "Climate Reality Project" are going to present the Dirty Weather Report which, I suspect, will not be about dust and sandstorms.

“We are in a new era where the ... extreme weather that is occurring is not fully caused by the natural cycles of time and natural events, but by dirty energy, so it is really important to articulate that and name it more precisely,” said Maggie Fox, the CEO of the Climate Reality Project, in an interview Saturday.

Of course, the actual science says the opposite: There is no established connection between extreme weather and global warming. For discussions of that point, see here and here (among many other examples I could cite).

UPDATE: 8:30PM Tuesday: Here is Al Gore himself, unedited, announcing the "Dirty Weather Report."

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