Friday, August 24, 2012

....For the Rest of The Story......

For those of you 600,000 faithful followers of Mike's blog, we thank you for your interest in Mike Smith Enterprises. As you know by now,  Mike's passion is weather and saving lives through early warnings and information. If you have enjoyed following Mike's blog on the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, the current status of Issac, the rain falling in the plains or any of Mike's other past interesting blogs , then you would really enjoy reading one of his two books; Warnings or Sirens.

Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather tells how Dr. Ted Fujita, along with Mike Smith,  makes everyone who flies today much safer after the crash of Delta 191. It also tells the stories of hurricanes Andrew and Katrina and the human spirit that rises up in the darkest of hours to survive under the most difficult of circumstances.

When the Sirens Were Silent tells the behind the scenes story of the deadly Joplin tornado that took 161 lives and the everday people whose heroic efforts saved lives while sacrificing their own.

Mike is going to be on the Gene Countryman Show News Radio 1330 KNSS Sunday evening at 6:00 for anyone in the listening area.

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