Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sold Out, Mother's Day, Graduation

While I can't control Amazon, I regret that they have been out of Warnings since last Friday. I don't know what the problem is. I suspect they'll have additional stock in no later than the first of next week.

Because of this situation, and because we are getting close to both Mother's Day and graduations, Mindy and I will make a special offer to ensure you have either Warnings or the brand new When the Sirens Were Silent or both to give as a gift (or just for yourself).

For $25 (including sales tax and shipping), we'll send you a copy of Warnings. The retail cost of Sirens will be $12.95. For $15 (including sales tax and shipping), you can have Sirens sent to you. Shipping will be priority mail. And, I'll happily autograph either or both books to you or the lucky recipient.

Finally, for $35, you can have both books sent as one shipment.

You can send cash or check (no credit cards) and we will hold your check until the Sirens ships (we have copies of Warnings). I don't know how long it will take for Sirens to make it into bookstores, so this is the "safer" way to go if you wish to be sure of having a copy prior to Mother's Day or graduation.

The address is Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC, 4031 N. Tara Circle, Wichita, Kansas 67226.

UPDATE: Midnight Friday morning. Amazon is still sold out. However, Barnes & Noble online has it in stock and available for immediate shipping. As I understand it, you can go to your local B&N store (if they don't have one in stock), order it there, and they will ship it to you at no charge, so you don't need to open a B&N online account. 

Finally, it is in eBook format for Kindle and Nook.  

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